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Things done well make the best memories

Sir Norton Knatchbull - 1637


The Knatchbull Baccalaureate (KnatchBacc)

Our students’ experience in school is built on four key pillars that make up the ‘The Knatchbull Baccalaureate’ (Knatch. Bacc.):

  • Academic The timetable, the subjects, the lessons, the assessments, the exam outcomes… A rigorous academic curriculum, taught in creative and demanding ways, developing students’ metacognition, recognising and acknowledging that secure understanding of knowledge underpins higher order thinking, synthesis (within and across subjects) and analysis.
  • Extra-Curricular Enrichment, Sport, Music, The Arts… Through a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities which broaden students’ perspectives, knowledge, skills and talents; reinforcing that high quality outcomes in any field come as a result of commitment, targeted practice and teamwork, consequentially developing resilience, adaptability and learning through mistakes (albeit currently mitigated and frustrated by COVID19 restrictions.)                                               
  • Community Leadership, contribution – making a difference. Developing a sense (from experience) of how we gain from and how we can contribute to the communities in which we live, study and work. We can all make a contribution – leadership, fundraising, volunteering…
  • Excel and extend Stretch and challenge – Looking to stretch and challenge ourselves in at least one area of the three curriculum strands above.

How do we implement this?


Our Curriculum

At NKS, we offer a rich curriculum underpinned by academic rigour and breadth. Our students are keen and voracious learners. The curriculum seeks to impart the powerful knowledge that students need to progress within subject disciplines and engage with the world around them intellectually and confidently. 

The content is always under review ensuring that students are able to engage with to the most up to date information. From September 2023 a three-year KS3 structure will see students in year 7, 8 and 9 covering an enriched and broadened KS3 National Curriculum with all subjects being overwhelmingly delivered by subject specialists. We then launch GCSE subjects in Year 10 allowing students to really immerse themselves in their chosen subjects and go beyond the examined curriculum.

All students take the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects at GCSE Level – encompassing English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, at least one Humanity and a foreign language – and have a range of other creative and practical GCSE options to select from.

We remain proud of the range of subjects on offer at A-Level, traditional and modern, alongside the wealth of extra-curricular opportunities that arise across the students’ time at the school. The students’ academic work is supported and stretched through the Knatchbull Baccalaureate which seeks to foster higher order thinking, enrichment activities, leadership and excellence.



Curriculum Maps

Art Biology Business Studies
Chemistry Classics Computer Science
Design & Technology Drama Economics
English Language and Literature English Literature


French Geography German


Mathematics Media Studies
Music Personal Development Physical Education
Physical Education (Core) Physics Politics
Psychology Religious Studies Sociology


Excel and Extend

Students at NKS are encouraged to explore their interests in a variety of fields.  As their aspirations develop, they are supported to reach their chosen destinations through a varied programme of support.  A range of visitors and external speakers offer inspiration to students across a broad spectrum of topics, including working as a paramedic and the ergonomic design of tanks. With the aim to directly inspire and motivate students in their career ambitions.  Students have also been able to participate in medicine experience days facilitated by Meducators, and online discussions through ‘I’m a Scientist Get me Out of Here’ with scientists from a range of fields such as psychology, genetics and space. 

Art Computer Science Drama
Design Technology English French
Geography German History
Mathematics Music Physical Education
Religious Studies Science Spanish